About us

Inveil is:

  • a law firm that makes every effort to concentrate all its resources on corporate law issues
  • a team of lawyers with many years’ experience of creating and maintaining corporate business structures, and permanent development motivation
  • search for new ways to achieve the goals of our clients, economy of their funds and achievement of financial benefits for them

What we do:

We help our clients to build business

 Our mission:

Providing our clients with the best corporate law services using professional knowledge and unique experience

Benefits of working with us:

Collectivity and teamwork

We achieve goals through teamwork, strive to solve problems by joint decisions, each of us contributes all of his/her professional knowledge and expertise

Individual approach

Every project is unique, so we have no package or all-in-one solutions, we select solutions on the basis of project specifics

Reasonable pricing

Our invoices do not contain any internal correspondence or discussions, we only include the tasks assigned under the project

Information accessibility

When rendering advisory services, we provide information in a structured form, we adapt our viewpoint so as make it understandable to our clients